It is rightly said that a man and a woman can never be equal. A woman always gives you more than she has. You give her a sperm, she’ll give you a baby. You give her a house she’ll give you home but if you give her any crap, be prepared to receive tons of shit. The fact that quotes like this have existed since centuries is quite paradoxical and disturbing keeping in mind the ubiquitous and dilapidated condition of ‘womankind’. This scenario has always been a pivotal point for writers, poets, playwrights and artisans all over the world but nothing, absolutely nothing has been successful enough to change the societal mentality. Residing in the so called ‘fastest growing economy of the world’, one can evidently read the daily headlines describing the pitiful condition of females. One such headline was “81 honour killings in Tamil Nadu over 3 years” along with a fact that none of them ended in conviction as it involved family members. The concept of honour killing has always bewildered the intellects. Killing a family member, usually female because according to them she has ‘degraded’ the reputation of clan and hoping the killing would ‘restore’ the reputation back. No morals, no ethics of this world keep any principle above the dignity and rights of women yet there is no continent except Antarctica which hasn’t witnessed honour killings on it’s landmass. The perpetrators of these acts are usually seen as ‘saviours’ of a particular culture and therefore face no negative societal stigma. There deed is considered ‘justified’. The procedure of an honour killing is kept public to ‘teach and preach’ the community about the resultant ‘hazards’ of loving. As described by the nature, love has no boundaries. It is a freelancing aura that can strike anyone, anytime. According to a United Nations’ report published in 2000, 5000 women have been annual victims of shame killing. However, BBC suspects the number to be more than 20000. The basic reason and purpose of this heinous crime doesn’t diverge with religion. It simply is denial for arranged marriage, being a rape victim, marriage in other religion or even meeting with someone from opposite gender and caste without acknowledging family. The methods of honour killing involve burning, beheading, slaughtering, dragging through vehicles, thrashing till death, stabbing, stoning and any other way which can penetrate sensitive souls. Going by the data, the Huffington Post said in a 2016 article that honour killings in India have shot up by an alarming rate of 796% in an year. If not this, then no moment I would be apt enough for authorities to take serious actions and frame stern laws against such hate crimes, as this kind of deformed mentality of the society would only lead us to the doomsday, sooner or later.

Madhukant jha studies English Literature at Jamia Millia Islamia


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