Women’s agitation in Alwar


Pranav Kishore Saxena

ALWAR, 4 th July 2018: Yet again, the people of India experienced a blissful day
among the many “ache din”, this time at Bijli Ghar Circle, Sector 7, Alwar,
Rajasthan. Around 8:15 am, some pregnant women blocked the streets by
creating a human chain. The narrow road could see various trucks, cars, and other
motor vehicles desperately waiting for their way to be cleared and to go for their
The women didn’t allow any vehicle to pass by and demonstrated peacefully
against the ‘Mahila Chikkitsalaya’. On enquiring the reason for this blockade, the
local women expressed their outrage at everyone who encountered them and
complained about the absence of the sonographer at the hospital for the past
twelve to fifteen days, due to her illness. The problem intensified when the
hospital told locals that there isn’t any other doctor.
Jao Jao, apne ghar chale jao”, has been the statement from the administration,
added Bindro, a victim of the hospital’s inefficient system. Many women like
Bindro have been demanding accountability and response from the
administration. When we contacted Bhagwan Sahay, a member from the CM’s
office, we were told that “Dharna ke liye bhi inhe motivate kiya gaya hai”.
Government’s inefficiency in providing proper health care facility to people who
are forced to rely on subsidized health care could be primarily because the
Government Health Expenditure (GHE) according to the National Health Accounts
Estimates report is recorded as Rs 1,39,949 crores, which is 1.13% of the GDP and
Rs. 1,108 per capita for the year 2014-2015.This statistics seems extremely

insufficient and cannot, on any grounds, cater to the healthcare needs of a
country as populous as India.


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