~Kasturi Ghosh

Welcome to the age of depression. Honestly, if you ask me, everyone around me is depressed. Everybody feels they are being victims of anything and everything. They feel that the weight of the world on their shoulders is just too much to take. But, ask yourself. Is it?

Depression is a psychological term, used for explaining feelings of severe despondency and dejection. The present day teenagers use this term to explain the generic hormonal mood swings that entail adolescence. Now, all of us feel a little upset over an extra show of affection for the elder or the younger sibling. Or maybe, we sometimes feel we are not being appreciated enough, or that there is a lack of motivation on our parents’ part which results in the downfall of our potential. But, the blame game is just a way of stalling the reality. The truth is, this is not depression.

If you actually reflect upon yourself, you will see that the accusations you fire on everybody but yourselves, is just a way of seeking an asylum in your own pseudo innocence. Of course, nobody likes to be blamed or pinpointed for their own mistakes, but the truth is, unless that happens we continue to shun out feelings of guilt or remorse which actually work towards the betterment of our own personality. This, my love, is not depression. This is a personal aberration which we choose to ignore. And while it seems like an easy option for a short term, it definitely has adverse effects in the longer run.

Another cause for this ‘millennial’ depression is the emergence of social media and a severe need for mobile phones. Sure mobile phones have brought with them a whole new world, which once upon a time, was quite unimaginable. But with that came consequences. All of us started residing in a virtual world and a slight pause on that made us question our sanity. It is just like any other addiction, which has catastrophic effects when attempted to be tackled. Now, with such kind of a network one is likely to miss out on the reality. And the reality being, happiness, a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Hardly any millennial seems to be familiar with the feeling of glee. On being asked, ‘What is glee to you?’, they just roll their eyes and say, ‘It’s a TV series.’ Yes, so that’s the opinion of the current generation. They feel they are not being understood by people around them. But do they really know what kind of people are really around them? People should focus on the small things that generate happiness, which requires a good observation power. Think about it, while walking on the street how many nests do you notice? Or how many smiling faces do you come across? Do you ever smile at anybody? Or do you ever compliment a stranger just to make their day? Instead of making an Instagram story of a dog wagging its tail at you, don’t you feel like playing with it?

These, indeed, are little things. But they uplift your spirits like nothing else ever could and add the very spring to your steps that you forgot you ever had. So believe when John Mayer says, ‘The Heart of Life is Good.’, and forbid everybody of the sad and morbid.

Kasturi Ghosh studies English literature at Jamia Millia Islamia. The views expressed are personal.


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