~ The last dayof Arthwitnessed panel discussions from national as well as international speakers like ManojMuntashir, Mohandas Pai, Piyush Pandey, David Frawley and many more ~

Delhi, 10th February 2019:
Dabur Red Paste presents, Arth, A Culture Fest, isan Intellectual Property of ZEE LIVE with an aim to understand and find meanings of the Indic civilization and discover its soul. The final day of the festival started with panel-discussions by the most prominent speakers like Mr Prasenjit Basu,Mr K. Hari followed by a soulful Baul performance by Gautam Das Baul at the lawns of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts.

Arth discovers the richness of India’s culture, the glories of the past, the high spirits, the landmark of each era and the legacy that has come down through the centuries. The final day of the festival began with some of the country’s most renowned speakers on subjects that the nation has been discussing. The sessions involved: Conquest Without Coercion: India’s Civilization Outreach by Hari Kiran Vadlamani, Prasenjit Basu, Sudhir Devare& Shimon Lev, Anuraag Saxena as moderator,Rituals: Balancing Traditions and Modernityby D.K Hari, Dushyanth Sridhar & Pradeep Chakravarthy, Hema Hari. Aryan Invasion Theory: A Myth or Reality, by Anil Suri, David Frawley, KoenraadElst, Niraj Rai and Anand Ranganathan as moderator, The Song of Devine: Bhagavad Gita and its Universal Message by Bibek Debroy, Lord Meghnad Desai and Nilesh Oak as moderator, Media &culture: The connects and the disconnectsby Madhu Kishwar, Shehzad Poonawalla, SreeIyer& Tarek Fatah, Kunal Majumder as moderator. SarveSantuNirmalya: Wellness in the Indic thought by David Frawley, Rana Jayasundar, Yogini Shanbhavi and Ushma Williams as moderator,Agar Firdaus ZaminAst: The Lost Traditional of Kashmir by Rahul Pandita, Sangeetha Menon, Sushil Pandit, & Subhash Kak, Aditya Raj Kaul as moderator.The untold stories of the Indian Courtesan, moderated by Vikram Sampath and had panelists Lakshmi Vishwanathan, Madhu Nataraj&Swarnamalya Ganesh, Ekam Sat ViprahaBahudhaVadanti: The Eternal Message of the Indic Faith by Acharya Lokesh Muni, Dipankar Khanna, Harbhajan Singh, Pavan Varma, Subhash Kak and Hindol Sengupta, All is Fair in Love: LGBTQIA+ Community in the Indian Tradition by Ashok Row Kavi, Gopi Shankar Madurai, Jerry Johnson, Tarek Fatah and Kunal Majundar and Meri Fitrat Hai Mastana by ManojMuntashir and Arjun Singh Kadian

The panel discussion was followed by some engaging Master classes – The Mystery of the Netaji Files: Rediscovering the forgotten chapters of Indian Historyby Anuj Dhar.Advertising &Culture byad guru Piyush Pandey. The evening ended with Soul stirring performance by the ManipuiriRaas Leela.

The day also witnessed soul stirring performances like Baul performance by Gautam Das Baul and Manipuri Raas Leela performance.

The day ended with conversation on The Grand Indian Narrative by Rajiv Malhotra with Mohandas Pai followed by a Confluenceby Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Manganiyars of Rajasthan

Speaking on the grand end of the national edition of the culture fest, ShreyasiGoenka, Founder & Director, Arthsaid:The National edition of Arth was a huge success and received a great response from the people. The three days fest was filled with numerous panels as well as innovative performances. The overall response we received from the audience wasalso very encouraging and we expect the momentum to be sustained in the future.”

Talking on the success of the event, Vikram Sampath, Festival Director, Arth said, “I am faltered to see such a great response from the people of Delhi. Arth was filled with some amazing panels, soul-stirring performances and productive workshops which were loved by the audiences. We hope to receive the same love in future as well.”

Speaking at a panel, Meri Fitarat Hai Mastana, Indian lyricist, ManojMuntashir said, “The potential in people coming from small towns and villages who want to make their name is huge as compared from those who are already in Mumbai.”

On talking about Nepotism, “Nepotism exists in all industries and not only in the film industry. In film industry, nepotism is only seen amongst the actors to certain extent. But if you see the community of writers, directors, cinematographers, the top 10 writers don’t have any connection with the film industry.

Advertising legend, Piyush Pandey said, “I feel very honoured to be invited at an event like Arth which is promoting our culture and also educating the youth about the Indian culture. Culture is a collective consciousness, it is our pride, culture is our learning. It is my belief that if we can incorporate our culture in advertising, then, we will be stamped as Indian advertising doesn’t borrow from the world.”


About Arth:

Arth – A Culture Fest is an Intellectual Property of ZEE LIVE. Arth isn’t merely a festival, but a culture fest that will keep alive the meaning of our culture. This festival focuses on literature, culture, society, music, traditions, history and art. Arth is a platform for lovers of art and culture to learn and celebrate Indian culture across all its dimensions. The national leg of the festival will be held in Delhi in February. Smaller satellite shows will be hosted in Kolkata and Pune in December and January respectively


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