Successful Muhurat concluded in Mumbai The View of the upcoming film “Machaan”, based on the AIDS film by “Prem Sagar Singh”, renowned director of theater world.

On this occasion, Writter and director Prem Singh singh said that our film “Machaan” will tell the present condition of the backward village of India developed, even today our society has a frustrated and narrow thinking, our country is constantly on the path of progress but Still the development and social concept of India’s remote area is the same.
Shooting of the film will start from March

The film is being produced by Catfish Media and Anshi Films.
Well known Bollywood actor Arun Bakshi will be seen in the important role, while Lokesh Tilakadhari is playing the role of the villain, the film’s producer are Prince Madhup and Ankit Singh. Triloka Entertainment Media Network is handling PR & Promotion Of the film. On this occasion, music Director Dilip Sen, actor Arun Bakshi, Ramesh Goyal, Lokesh Tilakdhari, Rahul Singh Bright Outdoor’s CMD Yogesh Lakhani, Event Manager Pramod Singh and Triloka Media Network’s CMD Rakesh Raunak Singh were present.


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