The unabashed web series speaks the tale of every woman who has at some point in life,
been judged by a patriarchal society for the choices she has made

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Delhi, 1 March: Five beautiful girls with five unusual eccentricities and one common problem – being stereotyped! That’s what MX Original Series ‘Aafat’ is all about! MX Player, the world’s largest local video player and leading streaming platform brings viewers this unabashed web series that is a hilarious yet thought provoking take on arranged marriages and what society perceives to be “perfect bride” material. The series stars Chitrashi Rawat, Pushtiie Shakti, Nikita Dutta, Anshul Chauhan, Neelam Sivia, Sidharth Bhardwaj and Seema Pahwa in key roles and is directed by Shanhant Shah. The show streams for free starting on MX Player.

The series has received a heartening response by audiences with its tight narrative, relatable characters and the overall portrayal of this patriarchal mindset. The cast of the show were in Delhi today to promote Aafat and thank viewers for their appreciation.

Talking about the journey of Aafat, Chitrashi Rawat said, “Aafat is a story about girls who are unapologetic. These are issues that very much exist around us, despite the fact that we choose to believe we are liberal. The show addresses stereotypes that have been attached to women since long and aims to do away it. I am proud to be a part of a show like this.”

Nikita Dutta seconded the same saying, “The show is all about how women are perceived and how the five protagonists continue to stand by their choices, despite societal pressure. My character is that of a divorcee, who in the real world is normally looked down upon in our society even today. It’s time to break these stereotypes. I’m glad I got to be a part of a series that talks about this matter in a manner which can strike a chord with the viewers”,

Pushtie Shakti further added saying, “I could empathize with my character at so many levels, I have been picked upon for not fitting into the beauty mold because I am not thin. But what matters is to love yourself no matter what. I am sure this story will connect with every woman at some level.

Anshul Chauhan reacted saying, “Who decides what is normal, or how we should look or how we should be? It is very important for us to be able to live our life the way we want to, without any hesitation or any pressure and Aafat is all about that.”

Neelam Sivia concluded saying, “Aafat is a story that is so current. It could be your story, it could be mine and it could be someone’s who you know. All we want to say is that we are proud to be an Aafat.”

Aafat is the story of five prospective women who would suit for any man on Earth but each of these firebrands has a unique quirk that many believe to be imperfections. Their lives run parallel to each other with a common thread attached – the boy who they are meeting from a marriage agency. Ayesha (Anshul Chauhan) is a successful voice over artist but she’s NEVER waxed her body. Anu (Neelam Sivia) is India’s modern young woman who works as a coder in an MNC. But, she’s bald! Faiza (Chitrashri Rawat) has a way with words, she is an aspiring poet but one with really colourful language. Aditi ( Shakti) holds an MBA degree and is born with a silverspoon but she is overweight. Titli (Nikita Dutta) is a talented entrepreneur but her scorecard is flawed as she is a divorcee.

Hairy, bald, abusive, overweight and a divorcee – together they are the Aafat that Ricky (Sidharth Bhardwaj) is greeted with!

Aafat is streaming for free on MX Player


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