~Launches a posture support mattress to address this concern~


  • More than 55% of people browse phone and internet before sleeping
  • More than 51 % of people sleep post-midnight
  • Close to 35% people sleep less than 6 hours daily

New Delhi, October 10th, 2018: The study revealed that more than 51 per cent of Delhities sleep post mid-night and around 35 per cent sleep less than six hours daily. Unfortunately, this alarming trend is not only limited to Delhi but it is a nationwide phenomenon as the study as was conducted across 8,000 Indians living across the metros. To get undisturbed sleep and thereby derive various health and productivity benefits, Godrej Interio has launched the revolutionary Posture Support Mattress. International footballer Aditi Chauhan, who is also a strong advocate of a disciplined sleep routine, launched the mattress and spoke about the role that a good sleep routine has played in her success as an athlete.

Godrej Interio has created a very strong footprint in the category of healthcare mattresses owing to a slew of scientifically and ergonomically developed mattresses. The Posture Support Mattress is designed to support the body posture while sleeping and It comes in three variants suited for different body types – Lean (40-60kg), Medium (50-90kg) and High Built (80-100kg). Through #SleepAt10 initiative, Godrej Interio aims to create awareness amongst the people about how important sleep is to not just one’s physical wellbeing but also ones mental health. The mattress brand also brings forth the negligence that lies in identifying a mattress and how this is impacting the socio-economic fabric of the nation.

Aditi Chauhan, said, “Football is an extremely agile sport wherein alertness and fitness remain integral to success. A tired or unfit body will not be able to perform well in such demanding sports. Hence, adequate and quality sleep is necessary since it reenergizes the body and rejuvenates the mind thereby refreshing one to perform to his or her optimum level.”


Dr. Vivek Nangia, Head and Director of pulmonary critical care and sleep medicine, Fortis hospital said, “Inadequate sleep leads to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, shortens one’s life expectancy and several other mental and health concerns. In the recent years, owing to our lifestyle, sleep deprivation has been a rising medical concern. As a sleep specialist, I see several children- our nation’s future, suffering from varied health issues owing to negligence of a good sleep routine. A child needs 10 to 12 hours of continuous sleep, rather than multiple naps, by the age of two. And its up to us as parents to ensure that we facilitate a good sleep routine for ourselves as well as our children.

Anil Mathur, Chief Operating Officer, Godrej Interio, said,
“We have always believed that quality and adequate sleep is closely related to the mattress one uses. If the mattress is better, it offers a more comfortable sleep thereby enhancing sleep – both qualitatively and quantitatively. Hence, we have launched this revolutionary Posture Support Mattress as part of our sleep@10 campaign so that this issue is mitigated at the earliest.”  


Adequate and quality sleep is essential towards leading a healthy lifestyle and ensuring one’s wellbeing. To aid the sleep@10 concept, Godrej Interio has therefore created a sleep-o-meter that helps track people’s sleeping patterns.

The new Posture Support Mattress range is priced between Rs. 16,000 – Rs. 53,000.

About Godrej Interio:

Godrej Interio (GI) is India’s premium furniture brand in both home and institutional segments with a strong commitment to sustainability and centres of excellence in design, manufacturing and retail. Led by the largest in-house design team in the country in the furniture category and awarded with 14 India Design Mark Awards till date, GI aims to transform spaces with its thoughtfully designed furniture to create brighter homes and offices with products that have the highest design quotient in aesthetics, functionality and technology. With consistent pursuit of excellence and a special focus on health and ergonomics, GI’s product portfolio comprises a massive range in the office, home and other specialized applications, viz:


  1. B2B – Office Modular Furniture, Turnkey Projects, Marine Accommodation Solutions, Healthcare Furniture and Lab Furniture
  2. B2C – Home Furniture & Storage, Mattress and Kitchens


Godrej Interio has 7 manufacturing facilities situated at Mumbai, Haridwar, Shirwal, and Bhagwanpur. GI’s Shirwal Plant is Green Co Platinum Certified and Mumbai Plants are Green Co Gold Certified. GI is widely known for its comprehensive sustainability certifications for its products in furniture category.

GI commitment to the environment has resulted in manufacturing products with lesser environment footprint. Our pioneering efforts include designing less environment burdening products, usage of eco-friendly materials and setting up less polluting and consuming processes, ensuring eco-friendly packaging and transportation and finally the extended responsibility of recycling/reuse of used furniture and scrap, thus ensuring a lifecycle approach to green. GI has the widest range of green choices for our customers which not only includes products but also services such as green interiors and recycling.

 Currently present in over 650 cities with 300 exclusive showrooms and 800 dealers, GI is one of the largest divisions of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., part of the Godrej Group, one of India’s largest engineering and customer product groups.

 The brand boasts of noteworthy awards received so far- CII Exim Bank Award for Business Excellence 2016, Superbrands 2017-18, Asia’s most admired brand 2016, Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand 2018 Gold (Home Furniture) and Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand 2018 Gold (Modular Kitchens).


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