Gurugram, 1ST March 2019

The on-ramp Tara Bhuyan Bridal / Cocktail wear Collection for 2019 is a tour de force in Assamese tapestry. Having worked extensively with exotic motifs distinctive with Zaree brocade Tara Bhuyan presented a clothing line for the contemporary women. The evening witnessed the presence of HNI’S and Influencers who congratulated Tara on her fashion debut in India. The Showstopper for the show was Filmmaker Rima Das.

The event took place at The Palms Town and Country Club in Gurugram. “Tara Bhuyan” is a women’s fusion wear brand who works with indigenous products and will soon be a Men’s and Children’s brand. It is owned by Tara Bhuyan LLC.

Tara does not have a technical experience in the field of fashion but her passion to uplift the weavers back home in the remotest village of Assam led her to showcase her dreams in the form of her design sensibilities.

Filmmaker Rima Das said “I would like to congratulate my friend Tara for her endeavour and it’s an honour for me to walk for her on the 1st of March as she showcases her collection Woven dreams of Assam as a part of Bridal and cocktail wear 2019.

I was very excited when Tara came to me to be the showstopper for her maiden show in India, even the outfit which i would be wearing has been chosen by me which would be an evening gown in one of the rarest silk in the world i.e muga silk embellished with Swarovski crystal “

The 2019 collection can be divided into 2 parts

Bridal/Wedding collection: The collection comprised of materials woven on natural color palettes that was tastefully crafted, distinctive with zaree (guna) brocade work with exotic motifs and rich hues of the north east. This unique & exotic collection offers a wonderful mix of traditional and western styles. The intent was to give the collection an exotic & fresh look to wedding wear, so lot of experimentation has been done on textiles to get the right colour and weaves.

Evening wear /Cocktail wear/ Diva collection: This collection is unique and applies to all occasions of a wedding and glamour parties. The collection was all about a beautiful blend of Muga Silk & Earth colour tones with Swaroski crystals, intricate detailing and surreal sequin work to give a rich luminous look.

Designer Tara Bhuyan says “My design ideas starts from the base, I intend to work on the bigger picture by visualising the ramp. Through my designs I want to show the world how with the usage of elegant weaves one makes an indo fusion outfit. My collection captures the essence and ethos of the Assamese tapestry. The sensitivity and the warmth of the craft traditions speak within the weaves of the North East.”

About Tara Bhuyan

Mahatma Gandhi once remarked…. “Assamese women weave dreams on their looms!”

Tara is fortunate and proud to have been born one… have been caressed by the softness and richness of the amazing pat, muga and eri silks that her grandmother and mother wore everyday… the unique style of the ‘mekhela sador’, the traditional dress of Assam !

It was only when she left home at 16 and came to Mumbai to pursue her junior college, that she realised how precious and rare the weaves and motifs of Assam were. Every time she wore her mother’s 30 year old ‘hand-me-down’ Muga mekhela sador, she met with appreciative exclamations about the intricate motifs and the molten gold fabric that she was donning….. It was then she started dreaming about the forms she could lend to these weaves to create global statements !!

In 2014, she got a break to choreograph a fashion show in Toronto. Post that she also did a few shows in New Jersey, Toronto and recently in Washington DC for Assam Convention 2018 and in Sydney, Australia in October 2018. In all these shows, her uniqueness stood out with the western and traditional dresses using mostly customized weaved Assamese material. Muga Silk, Assam Silk and Eri, stood second to none when it came to showcasing.

The merchandise of Tara Bhuyan would shortly be available on e-commerce platforms and is currently being retailed through the company web store where in the collection comprises of women’s, evening wear, cocktail wears and summer collection 2019.

The words of the Mahatma is so apt about the beauteous weaves of Assam ….. my endeavour is to take this dream from the loom…..and BEYOND !!!

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