• Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction procedure has come as a boon for the patient who want to preserve their natural knee joint for an active and sporty life

New Delhi, December 12, 2018

Jayant ( 24), a Uttarakhand State Cricket Player, had been suffering from disabling knee pain after sustaining an injury.  Having consulted many doctors, he could not get an effective treatment. He almost lost all hopes on resuming his sports career for good. His life has completely changed when he came in contact with Dr Deepak Chaudhary, Director of the Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Centre of BLK Super Speciality Hospital. Dr Chaudhary, along with his team performed Autologus Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) on him few years back which treated him completely and now he is back to active cricket and recently won state championship.

Several young sport persons Like Jayant and 58- years’ old golfer, Harbhajan Singh are included in the list of people who have been benefited by the treatment of Dr Chaudhary with advanced procedures- ACI and High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO).

“ACI is a joint preserving procedure, where in the first stage an arthroscopic evaluation of the knee joint is performed. Young cricketer’s injury was very disappointing.  In Jayant’s  s case, we found that he had a localised cartilage defect measuring about 20mm x 16mm in his Left knee whereas the rest of the cartilage was healthy. A small piece of the cartilage biopsy was taken from the non- articulating and non-weight bearing portion of the knee and the cartilage material was then sent to a highly specialised lab in Lonavala ( near Mumbai ) where patient’s own cartilage cells were cultured and re-grown and multiplied upto 48 million chondrocyte cells . In the second stage, done after four weeks, through a small incision over the joint, the cultured chondrocytes gel received from the lab were used to fill the defect,” said Dr  Deepak Chaudhary, Director,  BLK Centre for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Centre, BLK Super Speciality Hospital.

“Jayant is one of the many patients who have been treated with this cartilage preserving procedure. We have performed close to 70 such procedure over the past eight years with encouraging results,” added Dr Chaudhary.

The main beneficiaries of this procedure are young sportsmen like Jayant who are afflicted with knee injuries like torn ligaments and meniscal injuries. The cartilage injuries are often detected during the process of Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction.

Though the main beneficiaries of this procedure are young sportsmen, there are about 20% patients over the age of 50 who can have similar targeted cartilage defects which can be like Harbhajan benefited by ACI.

In a sort of record for ACI being performed in the oldest patient in the  country, Dr Chaudhary has recently performed Stage 1 of this procedure (i.e. Biopsy of normal cartilage sent for culture ) in Indira Devi 75yrs old female.

“During the first stage of Arthroscopic evaluation we found that she also just had a focal cartilage defect and her rest of the knee was normal. She is now scheduled for 2nd stage ACI on 20th December this year,” informed Dr Chaudhary.

Dr Chaudhary, who along with Dr. Shiv Chouksey and team has the distinction performing the maximum number of ACI in India, said that the facility of doing this highly specialised procedure is available only in higher orthopaedic centres in the country and BLK Centre is well equipped to deal with joint preservation. The facility comes as a boon to young sport persons who unfortunately face severe joint injuries that keep them away from the field.

According to Dr. Shiv Chouksey- Associate Consultant, “Another joint preservation procedure which has stood the test of time even for the patients in age 45-55 is HTO. In this procedure the faulty weight bearing axis of the knee joint is shifted back to normal position resulting in even load distribution on the knee joint. This joint preservation procedure has proven itself to be effective in many arthritic patients.”

About BLK Centre for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Centre

Centre for Arthroscopy & Sports medicine provides individualised treatment for all kinds of sports injuries and other joint-related disorders. Our focus is primarily on the quality of medical care. We are committed to helping individuals recover quickly from sports injuries, and facilitating their return to their previous level of sports as quickly and safely as possible. We use a multidisciplinary team approach to treat various sports injuries which include ligament and tendon reconstruction and repair, alignment correction, cartilage resurfacing.

The BLK team at Centre for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine is comprised of top leading experts including pioneer specialists, Dr. Deepak Chaudhary and Dr. Shiv Chouksey. Equipped with state of the art facility, the Centre offers an extensive range of specialised Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries Management.

Recently, BLK Centre for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Centre has been approved as ISAKOS approved Training and Teaching Centre by International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedis Sports Medicine.  This is the most esteemed society worldwide in the field of Arthroscopy.


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