As the party season spins, all those fitness freaks can now pump up for the new year season with that perfect body and soul. Fitness lovers hunting for the quick fitness essential can now feel at ease as Snapdeal brings 3 sports equipment’s that will definitely get their pulses racing. Enclosed are the details of the products:

Here are the equipments that make your workout more fun:

  1. Running Parachute

This is the best speed & resistance improving product. Running Parachutes are most often used by sprinters and runners of all types for training. The product comes packed in carry bag and are available in different colors.


Original Price- Rs.1149

Price on Snapdeal- Rs.557

  1. Bicycle Digital Speedometer Odometer

This handy digital speedometer will measure the distance of your ride, your maximum/current speed, and other functions. It is a must have product for bicycle enthusiasts who also want to track their progress.


Original Price- Rs.499

Price on Snapdeal- Rs.331

  1. Leather Boxing Speed Bags

Ramp up your workouts using a boxing speed bag. One can use them to build strength, endurance and get the pulse racing during lengthy training sessions.


Original Price- Rs.1099

Price on Snapdeal- Rs.459



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