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TEDxShivNadarUniversity 2018 is less than 10 days away. The Shiv Nadar University campus is abuzz with activity with the preparations for the conference moving into the final stages.

What is the team up to?

The team at TEDxShivNadarUniversity is hard at work, fine-tuning the smallest of things to ensure an amazing time for the attendees. The surprise giveaways to the delegates and a special Heritage Walk with Sohail Hashmi, one of the speakers at the conference, are a few special addons to the entire experience. Also, the stage design, the delegate kits, and the function area activities are sure to blow your mind!

What do they really talk about?

At the heart of the TEDxShivNadarUniversity experience, lie the ideas that the speakers aim to spread. If you’re like most of us, you’d be wondering what is it that all of the speakers are going to talk about?

With a speaker lineup that boasts names like – Kapil Dev, Harnidh Kaur, Nandita Das, Roshini Nadar Malhotra, Shoma Chaudhary, Ankur Warikoo, Flavia Agnes, NG Jayasinha, Sohail Hashmi, Karan Suri, Yogesh Saini, and Vasu Primlani – that is one difficult guess to make!

Also, the fact that the conference does not have a fixed theme leaves a lot of mystery as to what exactly will we get to hear. To make things a little clearer, we coaxed a few people from the Curation Team to paint broad strokes of what the speakers will talk about. Here’s what we got:

“The speakers will explore a myriad range of themes all coupled with unique perspectives. The audience is sure to be left astounded by the sensitivity of the issues some of them will raise, and the endless possibilities others will open.”

“…our (speakers) are from diverse backgrounds and the talks will be a reflection of that.”

“…talk about stories and ideas that inspire. They take something that they’re deeply passionate about and rebuild it inside the minds of the the audience. The goal is to make the audience think critically…”

“We’ve got people from the social sector, ideas like animal conservation, child abuse, success, goal-setting, risks, money, history, sports and much much more in store!”

If you weren’t excited for the conference, we’re sure you are now!

How do I reach?

The conference is being organized at Shiv Nadar University <> on the 18th November, 2018 – 9 am. Direct any queries to the team at


For more details, visit the website and follow on Instagram and Facebook.


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