On November 18,the campus was soaked in the colours of plethora of ideas and well, shades of blue.

Shades of blue given the creative theme of the conference this year which was ‘Out Of The Blue’, which draws a parallel to the abundance in nature and it’s elements. Namely, the creamy blue sky and the vast sea with its perpetual grandiose waves. This was in order to represent not only the infinite potential of an idea but also the platform created today to share each idea out there.

TEDxShivNadarUniversity was such an experienced , where we witnessed pioneers take the stage and paint it with their passion and enrapture the audience in never seen before manner.

Speakers from diverse fields of theatre, philanthrophy, corporate buzz and literature. Acclaimed luminaries presenting revised versions of their celebrated ideas and fresh faces with ideas trying to carve out a niche for themselves out in the open. The stage was graced by the personalities of Kapil Dev, Nandita Das and Roshni Nadar and even then, the audience clicked along to Ankur Warikoo and Harnidh Kaur’s work the most.

The day was an experience to cherish. To accompany the enriching talks, there was a lavish lunch along with a personalized dessert bar which was a highlight for many.

A conference which went beyond just the definition of the word to provide a wholesome audience experience above all. Where every curator put in their soul to ensure at the end of the audience walked out with an experience to cherish and moreover await the next year’s edition.

While talks had their own impact, on one hand where Harnidh’s talk highlighted the art of asking the right questions, Miss Primlani dealt with the subject of rape in a never seen before dimension yet so delicately to absolutely amaze the audience. Mr Warikoo with his wit and charm was universally an audience favourite while Miss Shoma Chaudhury redefined journalism and media coverage.

The audience tasted every hue of every genre and the conversation that lingered past the conference is truly the best feedback one can ever receive.

To providing more food for thought, encouraging more conversations and above all, igniting new minds and ideas, TEDxShivNadarUniversity2018 now wraps up awaiting the new year and the next edition.


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