Farah Ali Khan had penned a lengthy note addressing Kangana Ranaut, explaining her reaction to Rangoli’s tweet, while later let to her Twitter account being suspended. Kangana’s team slammed the letter on her behalf through a social media account of the actress. “Never did she compare herself to a nazi. She wrote ‘they may call us Nazi’, Referring to the slurs she received. Kindly dont twist words to suit your distorted narrative,” was reported on Kangana’s behalf.

In an interaction with ETimes, Farah Khan Ali had said, “My Tweet to Jack, Twitter India was to only say that we don’t need hatred at this point. I have nothing personal against Rangoli, I don’t know her at all, we have just exchanged hi-hello in the past and I have had no conversation with her. I don’t know why someone who has been an acid victim would have so much hatred.”

Kangana Ranaut had also come out in support of her sister and shared a video message. She had shared that Rangoli “has done nothing wrong” while also stating that Rangoli didn’t promote the genocide of Muslim believers in any way.

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