Actresses Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhasker were among the first Bollywood stars to take to social media and condemn the attack on a Sikh gurdwara in Afganistan.

According to reports, heavily armed gunmen and suicide bombers blasted their way into the place of worship, killing at least 25 worshippers and wounding many others, in what is considered as one of the deadliest attacks on the community.

Taking to Twitter, Sonam and Swara condemned the incident and offered prayers for the victims and families of the deceased.

“So heartbreaking and inhumane. Which god asks you to kill,” Sonam questioned as she shared a news report.

Swara, on the other hand, said “Prayers for the victims and families of the deceased in #Kabul #gurudwaraattack and curses and hell awaits the monsters who perpetrated this attack. Only the most toxic evil people prey upon minorities in their temple! #Shame #isisterror These terrorists are not human!”

Actress Raveena Tandon later joined in and offered her condolences to families of victims.

The ISIS terrorist group, which has targeted Sikhs before in Afghanistan, claimed responsibility for the latest attack. The group reportedly issued a statement confirming that its members carried out the attack.

Photos from the blast scene showed security forces carrying wounded people away on stretchers. Some Afghan media outlets shared videos of the family members of victims waiting outside a city hospital in tears.

In July 2018, ISIS terrorists bombed a gathering of Sikhs in the city of Jalalabad, killing 19 people and injuring 20.

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