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  • Raghu Ram and Natalie Di Luccio welcomed Rhythm on January 6
  • Raghu shared adorable pics of his son
  • Natalie Di Luccio wrote a beautiful note

New Delhi:

Raghu Ram and his wife Natalie Di Luccio are back on Instagram doing new-parent things. The couple, who welcomed their son Rhythm on January 6, shared heart-warming posts for the little one on their respective Instagram accounts. Dedicating a poem and sharing adorable photos of his baby son, Raghu wrote: “Meet the apple of our eye. The tune of our song. The Rhythm of our life.” Meanwhile, Natalie attached this note to her post: “Till just a few months ago, it seemed unbelievable to me that I could carry a life inside me. But meeting baby Rhythm was proof that it can happen and I still can’t believe it! I’d love for you to all to meet him too. Here’s our little Rhythm… proof that my heart can beat outside my body.”

Baby Rhythm smiling in these photos will brighten your day!

Earlier, Raghu Ram trended a great deal for sharing father-son photos clicked by his ex-wife Sugandha Garg. “Thank you so much for the pics,” wrote Raghu.

After Rhythm was born, Raghu took days to introduce his son on Instagram and when he did, he shared this adorable message on behalf of the little one: “I am Rhythm. I was born at the moment of creation, I permeate the universe, like light, like love. I am present in the very ebb and flow of life. I can be felt in every heartbeat. You can hear me in every song. I can be found in the changing of seasons and in raindrops falling on a face turned up to the heavens. I cannot be contained in any one culture. I transcend countries and continents. I am global. Nay, I am Cosmic, eternal. I am Rhythm. Hello world.”

Raghu Ram and Natalie Di Luccio made the pregnancy announcement last year with cute posts. After Rhythm was born, Raghu Ram revealed Natalie Di Luccio opted for a water birth.

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