Singer Sam Smith has confirmed reports of consuming drugs at a wild party with singer Nicole Scherzinger on Christmas 2019 in London.

The duo’s drug consumption made headlines in December, and now Smith has admitted they took legal poppers to during a wild night out.

Poppers is the common term for inhaled chemicals that aid relaxation.

Smith spoke about the fun on a show, when the host asked the singer if the rumours were true.

The host said: “In December, it was written everywhere that you and Nicole Scherzinger were doing poppers at a bar in London. I’ve talked about poppers. I feel like poppers have their place – they’re not illegal – they can be a beautiful thing. Can you confirm or deny that that happened?”

Smith replied: “I feel bad. I can completely confirm I love poppers. (I) love poppers. I’ve been ashamed to say that, but I have so much fun when I do poppers. I guess some people would look at it and think that it’s just not good. And I’m not trying to endorse it because I know they’re not good for you.

“We were just out that one time. I honestly didn’t think anyone could see us. Yeah, we just got a bit rowdy and, yeah, it was fabulous.”

Smith went on to share that Nicole has become a good friend.

“I think Nicole has definitely gone out to a fair amount of gay bars in her life. We’ve been out a few times in London.”

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