Of all the celebrities in Indian cinema, we must say that Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has been using her social media handles quite efficiently. Be it her serious workout videos, mouthwatering cooking videos or funny TikTok videos with husband Raj Kundra, Shilpa has been literally acing at the social media game. After sharing a funny family workout clip, the beauty just posted another one of her crazy TikTok experiments. Showing how the filter game could go wrong, Shilpa has turned a TikTok disaster into a hilarious moment.

Remember all those times when you wanted to use one filter to make yourself look prettier but ended up using a terribly wrong one instead? Something similar happened with our gorgeous actress here. When she starts crooning ‘Aankhein jab bhi kholega tu payega mujhe,’ Shilpa did not know that a scary filter had been accidentally selected. She is immediately startled as she catches a glimpse of herself in a hilarious way. The caption she gave the video was equally funny. Shilpa wrote, “Aankhein jab bhi kholega tu payega mujhe, Pehle khudko daraaungi phir daraaungi tujhe 😂😂 Finding ways to amuse myself… and you, in times like these😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Stay safe, stay home! #laughs #fun #lockdowndiaries #quarantinelife.”

Apart from using laughter therapy to keep herself, her family as well as her fans calm, the actress has been busy handling her son Viaan’s online school and two month-old baby girl Samisha during her lockdown days. Husband Raj Kundra too has been chipping in for everything including helping with the online lessons of their son and also featuring in his wife’s funny videos occasionally.

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