Actress Swara Bhasker found herself on the receiving end of social media trolls once again over her views on the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizen (NRC). A video of the actress stating that she didn’t have valid documents to certify that she is a citizen of India went viral online prompting trolls to make the most of the same.

A 10-second clip of a video doing the rounds on social media has the actress saying, “Of course I’m scared. I don’t have a birth certificate, passport or any legal documents. What will happen when the act gets implemented?”

The video prompted people to poke fun at her statement as pass remarks like “Swara Bhaskar is one of those rare Indians who have visited abroad without having a passport and pays taxes without having a PAN.”

Another asked, “Swara Bhaskar, if you don’t have Birth certificate proof, Passport, Then who in the blue hell are you?”

While there were many to slammed the actress for her statement, there were others who applauded her and said, “Swara Bhaskar is a fighter, we need to take inspiration from her!”

Not one to shy away from trolls, the actress hit back by retweeting a post from a social media user who claimed that the attacks on the actress were “planned”.

Swara said in a post, “Baseless attacks are the only thing they know how to do! We will continue to resist and I hope #Bollywood will also not allow itself to become a pawn in bigoted propaganda for an unethical unconstitutional inhuman set of laws.”

She went on to shut down other trolls and even seemed to have had a good laugh while she was at it.

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