If you are one of those hard-core Apple fans, this one’s probably for you. A rare and original Apple Computer Inc. retail sign is up for grabs at an online auction. You just need to shell out $20,000 (Rs 15,08,100 approx).

The description of this logo has been listed as – “Original Apple Computer Inc. sign, circa 1978, displaying the famous rainbow apple logo. Large sign measuring over 4’X5’ is one of the earliest Apple retail signs, displayed by an authorized reseller who learned about Apple by attending a computer conference in 1976. Acrylic metal frame measures 48.5”X 60.5”. A few surface marks, and some yellowing background, but rainbow colors remain bright. Overall very good condition.”

The sign is not being auctioned by Apple but comes from an authorised reseller. There are no bids placed on it currently, however, the seller has set the minimum bid to $20,000.

It’s not surprising to see such numbers. Old tech artefacts often sell for millions. For example, at an auction organised by Christie’s last year, someone paid up $4,71,000 (close to Rs 3.2 crores) for a rare Apple 1 computer. This computer has a briefcase form factor and three Apple 1 operation manuals that dated back to 1976 and 1977. Apart from that it came with an article written by Steve Jobs and a slide of Apple’s original logo as well.

The Apple 1 was first sold about four decades ago and at point only 200 were made. In the 1970’s, at launch, the Apple 1 retailed at $666.66 (Rs 50,269 approx).

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